SnapShot Vol. 1, No. 1

SnapShot Vol. 1, No. 1

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SnapShot, Changing Lives For the Better


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Everyone Should Be of Value for Their Uniqueness and Special Qualities.    Is this formula the best way to determine our self-worth?   Many people use this method, or part of it, to determine how they value themselves, and this has the potential to cause a great deal of emotional damage.

Next Issue: No. 2 - We're All Soccer Balls

Kids Can Be Hilarious

Grinners are Winners    Introduction to Kids Can Be Hilarious     It's surprising how a laugh can change your mood and your feeling of well-being. Of course, there are times when laughing is the last thing you feel like doing.

Next Issue: Kids Can Be Hilarious - No. 2

Behaviour Management

Managing Behaviour is Like Faceting a Diamond    Good Behaviour Management Involves Commitment, Dedication and Self-sacrifice    Introduction to Behaviour Management    THROWING THE BABY OUT WITH THE BATHWATER    There are many parents and teachers out there that are doing a fantastic job of training the children in their care. Many are probably doing a better job than I did with my kids.

Next Issue: Part 2 - The Impact of Character

One-Liners For Behaviour Management

A Closer Look at One-Liners 001-005    Introduction to One-Liners For Behaviour Management    DESCRIBING THE PRINCIPLES OF MANAGING    One-Liners clearly and succinctly spell out the principles of successful behaviour management. Like proverbs, they do not necessarily apply in all circumstances. Please note the following regarding One-liners:

Next Issue: One-Liners No. 2 - 006-010

Child Training Toolbox

Aimless Discipline is Like Building a House Without Plans    As In Business, So in Training Children, If You Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail    When your children leave home, or your students move on to the next class at school, what would you prefer you had helped your child to achieve, a good character or academic attainment? The ideal would be they accomplish both.

Next Issue: Part 2 - Your Voice & Attitude

Upskill Your Children

What Are The Most Important Skills To Teach Your Children?    What are the critical skills that we would want our children to carry with them into later life? How do I help my children form good habits? How important is a routine in developing positive character traits? The goal of this article series is to answer these and other related questions.

Next Issue: Part 2 - Attending & Responding

Communication Skills

Say What You Mean & Mean What You Say    Introduction to Communication Skills    LANGUAGE IS MORE THAN THE NOISE WE MAKE    Have you ever had a disagreement with someone over something they 'thought' you said? Have you ever had a disagreement with someone over something you 'thought' someone else said? Yes, it is a two-way street, and there are many reasons why conflict arises because of the way we use language.

Next Issue: Part 2 - Body Language

Character Development

A Good Character Engenders Self Respect    Introduction to Character Development    PROGRESS TOWARDS THE IDEAL    When I think about character development, I have in mind a journey. During this trip, one gathers thinking and behavioural patterns that accumulate towards the destination, a perfect character.

Next Issue: Part 2 - Character & Relationships

Character: Categories & Factors

It Often Takes Self-Sacrifice to Bring Joy Into Sad Lives    A HUGE WEB OF INFLUENCE AND EFFECT    Within the study of human existence, there exists an enormous network connecting things that send change, and others that receive. There is a continual interaction of elements, not only in the physical realm but the emotional, psychological and social as well.

Next Issue: Part 2 - Exploring Categories

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Nutrition Has to do With the What, How, When and Why We Eat    Introduction to Healthy Body, Healthy Mind    PUTTING STRAWS ON THE CAMEL'S BACK    Physical health is a vast topic; it ranges from frontal lobe neurotransmitters to toenail fungal infections. In writing this series of articles, I feel like I am trying to jamb an elephant into a matchbox. Libraries contain whole volumes on this topic.

Next Issue: Part 2 - Exercise

Stress & Anxiety

Good Stress, Bad Stress - Who Knows the Difference?    Introduction to Stress & Anxiety    Understanding stress, its causes and symptoms, is the best way to start to deal with negative stress. In this article series, we discuss the differences between stress, distress and eustress. We expand on the uniqueness of everyone's categorisation of stressors (causes). Stress can be a killer and a lifesaver.

Next Issue: Part 2 - Fight, Flight, Freeze or Submit

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