For Parents & Homeschoolers

Properly managing your child’s behaviour can determine their destiny. We provide resources to equip you for making your home a security blanket and not a battle zone. Learn how to:

  • Reduce parental stress
  • Develop your children's and your own character
  • Maintain control without being a dictator
  • Obtain optimal physical, mental and emotional health

For Teachers

You don't have to sacrifice all your nervous energy just to get cooperative behaviour. After decades of research and practical experience we are here to help you:

  • Learn how to be in control without being aggressive
  • Achieve great results with willing, obedient and joyful students
  • Handle and avoid disruptions
  • Lower your frustration levels

Our Articles Hold the Keys to Happiness & Security, at Home & at School

We will provide you with Invaluable Information in Digestible Portions that can Dramatically Improve the tone of your office, home and classroom. On top of that, all our resources are archived right here on the website so you can have full access to our Entire Library. We cover many topics:


  • Upskilling parents & teachers in Managing Behaviour and improving Communication Skills
  • Knowing the Categories & Factors in Character Development Professional Growth
  • Dealing with StressAnxiety
  • Give your Emotional Intelligence an overhaul
  • Explore Child Training Toolbox & Upskill Your Children
  • Extra resources to give your children Educational Security
  • Improve your Mental & Physical ... AND MUCH MORE



  • Helping children, parents and teachers in developing Positive Characters
  • Upskilling teachers and parents in successful Behaviour Management
  • Teach the pros and cons of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) 
  • Address the principles that lead to Healthy Bodies and Minds
  • Provide resources that provide physical and emotional Security for all
  • Present principles that are Logical, Reasonable and Doable
  • Ensure the information presented is Evidence Based


A sneak peek at what you can expect...

  • REVOLUTIONISE THE TONE in your home, classroom or workplace

  • Over 130 One-Liners reveal the VITAL PRINCIPLES of effective BEHAVIOUR MANAGEMENT

  • THE BETTER YOU ARE, the better for those around you ... do it by EASY STEPS

  • Making workplaces, homes and classrooms SAFE HAVENS for all

  • A GOOD CHARACTER is the BEST LEGACY you can give your children...learn how here

  • Sound advice for IMPROVING YOUR HEALTH ... make a real difference for those around you

  • EVERY ARTICLE is chock full of information that can CHANGE YOUR WORLD

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