Managing Behaviour

Managing Behaviour

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For parents and teachers, managing uncooperative children can be one of the most frustrating tasks. The impact of disruptive behaviour can have a profound and far-reaching, negative influence on every member of the family or classroom. Applying the right principles and methods can make a difference for the better.

Good Behaviour Management Considers Character Development

Here is something to ponder, 'If a child displays all those positive character traits such as honesty, unselfishness, respect for authority, responsibility, obedience, patience, etc., will parents or teachers have difficulty managing their behaviour?' Another related question to consider, 'Do you think a child will have self-respect if they display many negative character traits?'

The way we manage a child's behaviour may break a child's spirit, or make them so self-centred that people avoid them. On the other hand, it may help mould their character such that employers are lining up to hire them. 

Behaviour management is such an important topic that I have dedicated this website to it. This site will contain a comprehensive and in-depth investigation of the many principles that impact the behaviour, not only of the child but the authority figure as well.

Categories and Factors That Impact Behaviour

Almost every event in a child's life will have a positive or negative influence on their behaviour. Many factors need to be understood and considered by all authority figures. Related factors are grouped into categories to facilitate discussion and implementation. 

Accelerate Personal and Professional Maturity

You will have the opportunity to browse 140 'one-liners' that will help you fine-tune your management skills. Touching on nearly all facets of family life and classroom activities, the Better Homes & Schools website will serve up a range of digestible articles that will help promote more positive responses from children. Related articles will be a help to those committed parents and teachers who are interested in accelerating personal and professional maturity. View supporting articles in the Article Library.

Explore 140 One-liners

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