Teaching Resources

Teaching Resources

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Place Value Book

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This incredible resource can help consolidate many essential maths concepts and lay a solid foundation for your students. 

Postcode/Zip Maths


If you look around you will find excellent, free resources that will extend your repertoire of flexible and motivating mathematics resources.

Maths Tackle Box

tackle box

This astounding resource can be used to address almost all concepts in the primary/elementary mathematics curriculum. Very cost effective, and motivating.

Colouring Patterns

flower pattern

Download colouring patterns and enjoy some serious educational and therapeutic activities.

Tricky Tracks

tricky tracks

Use Tricky Tracks to extend your students' strategic and problem-solving skills. Engage students in logic and reasoning activities.

Tricky Tracks Photo Library


Analyse, Identify, Interpret, Explain. Plenty of stimuli to feed enquiring minds. Improve children's observation and problem-solving skills.

Blackline Masters

free blackline masters side

These original, downloadable, Blackline Masters can be used to teach a broad range of concepts, particularly those concepts that are grouped under Place Value.



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