Maths Tackle Box

Maths Tackle Box

tackle box

Bait Your Line With Tasty Morsels to Catch
Those Reluctant Students

The Most Cost-Effective Mathematics Resource


If you look around, you will find hundreds, even thousands, of excellent mathematics resources that would otherwise be thrown out in the rubbish; this is recycling at its best! All you need to pay for is a fishing tackle box.
overhead projectorUsed on a desk in one-on-one or small group situations, or on an overhead projector when working with the whole class, I have found it THE most versatile, motivating, cost-effective and time-saving teaching tool I have ever used. If you think of overhead projectors as dinosaurs that collect dust in the storeroom, then read further. My advice is to run down to the storeroom as soon as possible, grab a dinosaur (overhead projector), dust it off and take it to your classroom. You will notice your students becoming more interested in mathematics.


  • You will have your own resource
  • You will be able to cover almost the total primary/elementary mathematics curriculum
  • You will have at your fingertips hundreds of thousands of individual exercises
  • You will inject variety and stimulation into your mathematics lessons
  • You will save yourself a big chunk of preparation time
  • You will be able to teach, evaluate and consolidate mathematics concepts at the drop of a hat
  • You will have your students asking for more

The benefits are limited only by your imagination

Benefits of the Maths Tackle Box
are Limited Only By Your Imagination


I have provided a very Brief Introduction to the Maths Tackle Box by way of the documents below, Maths Tackle and Maths Tackle Concepts. These, together with a link to the full list of Maths Tackle Box Concepts, will whet your appetite. Meanwhile, I will be preparing a Video Overview of the Maths Tackle Box, as well as a comprehensive Maths Tackle Box Video Manual which will demonstrate over seventy concepts. You will have access to the Manual as it progresses.

Brief Introduction to the Maths Tackle Box

Some Maths Tackle
Download Maths Tackle PDF 342 KB (4 pages)

Some Maths Tackle Concepts
Download Maths Tackle Concepts PDF 434 KB (3 pages)

For a complete list of concepts go to the:
Maths Tackle Box Concept List

Some Maths Tackle

Maths Tackle - Page 1

Maths Tackle - Page 2

Maths Tackle - Page 3

Maths Tackle - Page 4

Maths Tackle Concepts - Page 1

Maths Tackle Concepts - Page 2

Maths Tackle Concepts - Page 3

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