Tricky Tracks

Tricky Tracks

tricky tracks

Get Cracking With Tracking - Feed Your Brain

Introduction to Tricky Tracks

Investigating tracks can be a very motivating and rewarding activity. Suitable for all but very young children, these activities can improve mental acuity, knowledge and social skills. Observing tracks can become a worthwhile hobby. Tracks can be found on the beach, on unsealed roads, on cleared land, in deserts, on sand dunes and even in wet concrete. I have found numerous tracks immortalised in concrete paths. Looking for and interpreting tracks will foster an inquiring mind.


You might be surprised by the number of concepts that can be addressed by working with tracks:

  • Observation skills
  • Comparing differences and similarities
  • Interpreting data
  • Hypothesising and looking for supporting evidence
  • Comparing different environments
  • Weather
  • The difference between conjecture and fact
  • Tides
  • Learning about animal and human behaviour
  • Expanding vocabulary e.g. before, after, same time, over, under, together, later, earlier
  • Time
  • Ordering
  • Verbal skills e.g. describing and explaining
  • Photography
  • Compass directions


What do you think made this track?

Tell me as much as you can about that track?

Was the dog that made these tracks big or little?

What direction was the person riding the bike?

What was the order of events?

What colour eyes did the person have who made this track?

How many different types of tracks can you see?

Did this person have shoes on?

How many footprints can you see?

Was this person running?

Why does this track suddenly stop

What do you think made that groove in the sand?

It is not wise to bombard your children with questions. When children feel pressured they consider it a negative experience. Stop if you see your children losing interest.

The units of work below are time-consuming. I may not have time to produce more of these but each month I will endeavour to add more track graphics and photos.

Click on the images to enlarge them.

You have permission to download, copy and distribute images but they are not to be altered, sold, published on websites or included in any publication.

Track Graphics

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