Character Trait Lists

Character Trait Lists

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It's a Bit Sobering and Challenging to Read Through These
Positive Character Attributes

There's Room For Us All To Improve

The lists of positive character traits (qualities) below are good yardsticks for self-evaluation. They are also helpful for guiding the children in our care in their character development. Consider focusing on a different positive trait each day and gradually work through them. You will be surprised how many we rarely think about; the children can easily slip through our guardianship with 'gaps' in their characters.

In addition to listing positive character traits, two of the lists also provide definitions, one of these has antonyms as well. Definitions and antonyms help broaden our understanding of character attributes. Please note the following information on the lists provided:

  • The 'CHARACTER FIRST!' list has been published on this site courtesy of and copyrighted by the Character Training Institute (
  • The 'CHARACTER CORE' list has been published on this site courtesy of and copyrighted by, Strata Leadership LLC (
  • I would encourage anyone wanting to help develop a better character in themselves and those they supervise, to carefully examine the resources and services provided by the two websites above.
  • Permission is pending from for the '240 Positive Character Traits & Habits'. This website is not currently available on the web.
  • You have permission to reproduce unaltered copies of the lists and distribute them at will.  They are not for resale.

There are other lists that can be viewed online if you search for 'positive character traits' in 'google images.' I hope you find them helpful.


Character Trait Lists

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