Place Value Book

Place Value Book

This Book Really Nails Place Value for Your Students

Thousands of students are enjoying the benefits of this resource right now!

Why Teachers and Homeschoolers Appreciate the Place Value Book:

  • The wide range of concepts that are being addressed - Over 80 concepts
  • The impressive age range
  • How easy it is to use
  • The time saved in preparing lessons
  • How inexpensive it is
  • The way it motivates students
  • Using it as a convenient consolidation and assessment tool
  • The way it covers so much of the Mathematics curriculum
  • How the book is helping students transition from concrete to abstract number
  • How this resource is laying a very firm foundation in Place Value
  • How select pages are being compiled into various books for different grade levels
  • How convenient it is for students to have a workbook of their own

You have FREE access to the complete Place Value Book, the Concept List and the Place Value Book Manual

PLEASE NOTE: You are permitted to download and duplicate unlimited copies of the pages below.
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The Place Value Book

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