Not Enough Time & Money

Not Enough Time & Money

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Frustration Lead to Timesavers

I was so frustrated; again I was not covering all that I planned to teach a year seven class. The students were missing out! So I decided to do something about it. The list of 'timesavers' I compiled was fascinating, but the benefits went beyond saving time. The whole mood in my class changed for the better.

New Mathematics Resources That Are Motivating, Effective, Efficient and Inexpensive

But time was not the only aspect of teaching that frustrated me; money was another. Schools do not have a bottomless pit of financial resources, and what money they do have has to be budgeted, prioritised, rationed. So I began to design new resources to fill the gaps. On this site, I share some new mathematics resources that are motivating, effective, efficient and inexpensive. 

Get More Done Using 'Timesavers

'My 'timesavers' are listed below.

  • Behaviour management
  • Multiple concept teaching
  • Activities and resources that accelerate learning
  • Routine
  • Predictability
  • Prioritising subjects and concepts
  • Aspects of time-tabling
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Teachers' favourite subjects
  • Assessment and evaluation 'on the hop'
  • Group work versus 'chalk and talk'
  • Expectations
  • What to do about individual differences among students
  • Personal physical and emotional health

Sometime in the future, I will expand on timesavers and publish the document in More Resources.

How did I benefit from using new resources and implementing 'timesavers'?

  • My frustration and stress levels decreased.
  • My job satisfaction increased.
  • Students were happier, more motivated and better equipped.

The same principles apply in the home or office.

Richard Warden


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